Roads Program

In 2017, the governing body adopted a budget that dedicated money specifically to a Roads Program. The Finance Committee is focused on developing a more full-fledged timeline and schedule for road paving efforts in the years ahead to ensure that roads are paved based upon a combination of criteria including age, condition, and overall use. We will be updating this page as we develop more information. In addition, the Borough is taking serious its potholes as we have put together an effort to address major issues on our roads that are not scheduled to be paved in the present year. Together, we are focused on tackling our Borough's infrastructure concerns.

Roads Paved in 2018

  • Morningside Avenue from Montgomery Street to David Street (Borough funded)
  • Old Bridge Turnpike from Hillside Avenue to Prospect Street (County funded)
  • Robert Street (Borough funded)
  • Significant portions of Kamm Avenue (Borough negotiating with PSE&G to reimburse for damage to road caused by their project)
  • Snapper Avenue (Borough funded)
  • Willett Avenue from Essex Street to Railroad (Borough through State Department of Transportation (DOT) grant)

Emergency Road Work

2018 update with regards to roads opened for emergency road work by PSE&G PSE&G conducted significant repair work this summer to replace aging gas mains. The Borough has kept the pressure on PSE&G to ensure that every road opened will be left in the same or better condition than it was found in. As a result, PSE&G will be milling and resurfacing a large number of roads in the borough at no additional cost to the borough.

  • Center Street (Full resurfacing)
  • Charles Street (Full resurfacing from Raritan to Anderson, Half resurfacing from Anderson to Whitehead)
  • Division Street (Full resurfacing from Willett to Anderson, Half resurfacing from Anderson to Whitehead)
  • Foothills Drive (Half resurfacing)
  • Jeffrie Avenue (Full resurfacing, from Prentice to Mageira; Half resurfacing, from Mageira to Yates)
  • Lower portion of Willett Avenue (Full from Hillside to right before railroad tracks, remainder to be completed by DOT project in 2019. This decision was made because the entirety of Willett Avenue that had been opened was originally proposed.)
  • Marcus Court (Full resurfacing)
  • Marion Street (Full resurfacing)
  • Milton Court (Full resurfacing)
  • Oak Street (Half resurfacing)
  • Olchaskey Avenue (Half resurfacing)
  • A portion of Caroline Drive (Half resurfacing)
  • A Portion of Kamm Avenue (Full resurfacing)
  • Portion of Ridge Road (Half resurfacing)
  • Prentice Avenue (Half resurfacing)
  • Raymond Place (Full resurfacing)
  • Sheldon Avenue (Half resurfacing)

Roads Paved in 2017

  • Brooke Street (Borough funded)
  • George Street from Wilcox Avenue to Thomas Street (Borough funded)
  • Jeffrie Avenue (Borough funded)
  • Montgomery Street (Borough, through State DOT grant)

We're working towards being able to map our road paving efforts on MAPit in order to better plan these projects in future years.

If you have a road that you believe needs paving, let us know through REPORTit to alert us so that we can better evaluate and make decisions.