Beautification Program

South River Beautification Program

The Borough of South River is committed to beautifying our borough. We've been working all year at launching efforts and programs to address concerns with properties and public spaces around South River. Recently, we launched a South River Beautification Fund that will utilize the funds from our Vacant Properties ordinance and are committed to addressing property maintenance issues that bring down South River. It will take some time, but with your help, we'll get there together.


We're working in a variety of ways to ensure that properties around the borough and their surrounding neighborhoods are being maintained and properly addressed. To begin, we are working closely with the building department to ensure obtaining permits, COs, and other borough approvals are more clear and efficient. We've put into place a number of changes that should improve this process.

Second, we recently passed a vacant properties ordinance that provides incentives that prevent vacant properties from becoming dilapidated.

Finally, we've recently launched REPORTit, a way for residents to instantly report concerns to the borough.

Public Spaces

In addition to private property, there are a variety of spaces in South River that also have some public aspects to them. We've been working hard to address concerns in these spaces as well.

We've also launched a new way for residents to make more meaningful relationships with our public spaces with our bench and tree dedication program to leave a lasting mark for a loved one.

We've been working hard all year long to develop better management systems for our borough parks. We will continue to make improvements in this area to make our parks a place that everyone can enjoy year-round.

We launched "Plant-One-On-Us" a Shade Tree planting program that has reversed the trend of removing shade trees in South River without replacement.

We've relaunched the Curb and Sidewalk program, a great program for those looking to redo them.

In addition, we've streamlined the process for opening sidewalk cafes in the borough, developing a system that we believe will encourage new businesses to open them in the borough.