Bench & Tree Dedication

In an effort to build stronger relationships with the many fine public spaces within the borough, we are introducing a new program to dedicate a bench or tree in our public spaces. We believe that our parks are one of the many treasures we have in South River and believe the opportunity for residents to more deeply connect with these spaces is a positive that will only improve our parks.

Parks & Recreation / Environmental & Shade Tree Commission

Our new program is handled by the Department of Parks and Recreation as well as our Environmental and Shade Tree Commission who oversees applications made for bench and tree dedications. Their aim is to balance the many factors to find appropriate places for dedications and to work with applicants seeking to make a dedication.


To dedicate a bench or tree, please fill out the Application for Tree and Bench Dedication (PDF) and submit it to the borough. Once applications are received, the appropriate department will review the application, determine the feasibility, and contact the applicant for further action.

A Flourishing Program

This program is young, as it was created on April 10, 2017. We have many ideas to see this program flourish and will examine our policies occasionally to improve upon these efforts.

Bench and Tree