Curb & Sidewalk Program

The borough is here to provide services that make residents' lives a little easier. We're bringing back our curb and sidewalk program, designing the program to save you money, providing a convenient payment opportunity, and providing safeguards that ensure the project is done properly.

How It Works

The way the project works is pretty simple. Fill out an application (PDF) by July 15th and if we have additional questions, we will reach out and inquire. After all applications are received and the July 15th deadline passes, the borough groups all of the projects and goes out to bid on them altogether.

By bidding the projects together, we're able to utilize economies of scale and obtain a competitive bid that tends to be less expensive than if each project were to be bid separately. We then evaluate the bids and select a contractor. The projects are all overseen by the borough engineer, providing the first safeguard to homeowners that the project is done properly. In addition, the contractor is required to post a work bond, ensuring that if the engineer deems that there is an issue with the project, individual owners are protected and can seek recourse.


Billing is administered by the borough and we even offer the opportunity to spread costs over three years, to make payment more manageable for our residents.


This program is open to all property owners in the borough and the overall costs associated are determined by the size of the project, which is calculated after the application process begins and are accepted by the borough and owner. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Borough Administration.