The Borough of South River oversees a variety of departments within the Borough and they all report directly to Administration. The Department of Administration, through the cooperation of the Borough Administrator, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Governing Body work towards effective and efficient governance. Administration is responsible for ensuring that day-to-day activities within the borough are carried out. It also oversees numerous projects related to Borough functioning. Administration includes a variety of Council Committees, including the Budget Committee, Finance Committee, and Public Safety Committee, to address concerns and matters great and small.

Our Efforts

We are focused on a variety of efforts presently. They include:

  • The Downtown Streetscape and overall Downtown Revitalization
  • Exploring projects to bring efficiency in our Electric Utility
  • Summer Intern Youth Leadership Program
  • The Annual Curb and Sidewalk Program
  • Roads Program and Repairs
  • Liaising with the State regarding the mandated Revaluation
  • Liaising with the Communications Committee on how to better inform residents
  • Blue Acres (PDF) issues and resources
  • Technology improvements and rollout
  • Public Safety improvements and efficiencies
  • Budget and Finance concerns
  • General Concerns