Revitalization - A Cohesive Vision for Our Downtown

A Cohesive Vision for Our Downtown

On this page you can find a new, cohesive plan (PDF) that will improve the business environment in our downtown. As we work to implement this plan, we will begin to provide an updated "projects blog" to outline the various actions being taken with regard to this project. Below, you will also find studies and prior efforts that either stalled out or were abandoned by previous administrations.

Ultimately, the new plan will incorporate the various tools of community revitalization along with various legal tools of rehabilitation and redevelopment to create a solution that can overcome the various challenges to making this project successful. We also anticipate the need to build new relationships, including public-private partnerships and seeking out new investors and developers that can work with our existing owners in town.

It is our firm belief that without embracing all of these tools, no plan can be fully successful, as there are no one size fits all solutions. Crucial to everything we do, we must look to attract new business and work with existing business to provide them with the necessary resources to run their business and then get out of the way. That is why a premise to this plan is to make any business-centric program voluntary and optional.