Budget & Finance Committees

Budget Committee



The State of New Jersey requires municipalities like South River to prepare certain budget documents each year. The budget process is one that allows municipalities to create priorities they believe are important that year. The process is done in coordination between the Budget Committee, the Borough Administrator, and the Chief Financial Officer. The budget is usually introduced sometime in March and adopted 30 days thereafter. 

Budget Documents

To view current and previous budget documents, visit our Finance Page.

Finance Committee



Started in 2017, the Finance Committee meets each week to review the functions in the borough that cost taxpayers money in order to determine ways to improve efficiencies, save money, and better plan how our borough operates. The idea is to meet with various department heads to discuss operations, make recommendations, and connect efforts between departments that are logical and common sense. By reviewing each of these siloed operations and working to coordinate their efforts, the mission is to make borough functions more robust and smart.


Some of the efforts that have already come out of the Finance Committee are:

  • Developing and transitioning to a smart water meter installation program
  • Building out a communications plan for the borough
  • Assessing current space utilization of various departments
  • Putting together a full-day summer recreation program
  • Finding savings through shared service agreements
  • Reviewing outdated technology contracts to obtain savings for taxpayers
  • Planning downtown revitalization efforts
  • Implementing a credit card processing system
  • Installation of a time clock to streamline payroll and other efficiencies