Lead Replacement Program

On July 22, 2021, Governor Murphy signed legislation into law for mandatory lead service line replacement, “NJ Bill A5343/S3398,” P.L. 2021, Ch. 183, effective immediately upon signature. Public community water systems are required to inventory and replace all know lead service lines and address all service lines of unknown materials in their service areas by July 22, 2031. 

The South River Water Department must identify the type of material of the water service line at your residence. For your convenience, we have two options available to work together with our residents to meet this requirement.

Water Service Line Self Inspections

You can assist us by identifying the type of pipe material for your home's water service line and submitting the online survey form. To take advantage of this convenient option, use the Online Service Line Survey Form. Instructions to guide you through identifying the type of material are included in the link.

Schedule an Appointment

If you cannot access your water meter or would prefer a South River Water Department employee to inspect your service line, please call the DPW Office at 732-257-9051 or email the DPW office to schedule an appointment.

Door-to-Door Inspections

South River Water Department employees are going door-to-door to inspect service lines of residences that have not submitted the Online Service Line Survey Form or scheduled an appointment. This will take place Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 2:00pm.

Water Department employees going door-to-door or fulfilling your appointment request will need to enter your home to inspect the service line. The employee(s) will always have their Borough ID on them.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact the South River DPW Office at 732-257-9051.

Water Service Line Inventory

(Updated: 6/27/2023)  To find out the material composition of your water service line, view the Water Service Line Inventory List (Spreadsheet).

Please note that water service line materials for some of our customers are not yet known at this time. Please check back as we will keep updating the list.