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Recycle Coach
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Recycle Coach by Municipal Media Inc.

Recycle Coach is a new service offered by the Department of Public Works that offers residents a way to always keep up to date on trash, recycling, bulk trash, paper shredding, paint drop-off, yard waste, Christmas tree, and other scheduled events of the department. This is provided in an easy-to-use downloadable app for your smartphone.

Recycle Coach also offers a web app, so residents can quickly have questions about their garbage and recycling pickups answered for them.

Recycle Coach provides ways to set reminders for these services, either as a push notification on your phone, via email, or to Twitter. You can customize the ways in which you wish to be notified and how long before. In addition, this service will provide updates when weather emergencies or holidays change pick-up schedules.

How It Helps

Managing household waste in participating communities is much easier with ‘Recycle Coach’!

  • Never lose track of collection with a detailed collection calendar customized to your address
  • Set reminders for collections, every week or only when there is a change (eg. due to a holiday)
  • Search the ‘What Goes Where?’ database for detailed disposal instructions specific to your area
  • Keep track of upcoming events and drop-off dates
  • Easy to navigate app keeps important local contacts at your fingertips