Bulk Pickups

For disposal of larger "bulk" items (furniture, appliances, etc., but not building materials, cement/bricks, electronics, tires or paint) you must schedule an appointment for pickup with the Department of Public Works. Placing such items outside for curbside pickup is forbidden by Borough Code and is subject to summons.

Scheduling a Bulk Pickup

You may schedule a bulk pickup by calling 732-257-9051. Please call during business hours, Monday through Friday, to schedule an appointment.

Bulk pickups are conducted on Fridays. There are limited appointments available each week and are given on a " first-come, first-serve" basis. Pick-ups will be scheduled one week at a time. If we cannot accommodate you on the current week, you will be asked to call back on the following Monday.

287-4 Placement of Heavy Trash and Bulk Items for Collection

(Amended March 9, 2020 by Ordinance Number 2020-08)

A. Placement of bulk items for collection, residential, non-rental properties.

  1. All residential properties requesting collection of bulk items must adhere to the policy established by the Director of the Department of Public Works.
  2. Residents must schedule an appointment with the Public Works Department for collection of heavy trash and bulk items.
  3. Bulk items shall be placed at the curb for collection the evening before the scheduled date of pickup.
  4. Residents are limited to four bulk item collections per calendar year.
  5. Disposal of refrigerators and freezers must comply with federal regulations regarding chlorofluorocarbon removal. All doors shall be removed from appliances scheduled for bulk collection.

B. Placement of bulk items for collection, commercial and rental properties.

  1. No bulk waste will be collected from any residential rental properties, commercial, office or other business establishments unless specifically permitted pursuant to Subsection B(3).
  2. Removal and disposal of bulk waste for rental properties shall be the sole responsibility of the commercial/rental property owner.
  3. If the commercial or rental property is the property owner's primary residence, the Borough will collect bulk items as set forth in Subsection A two times per calendar year.