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Do Not Knock Registry Request

  1. South River Borough seal with No Knock Residence text
  2. The purpose of the Do Not Knock Registry, established by Ordinance 2022-30, is to permit residents to prohibit persons and entities from canvassing, soliciting, peddling, itinerant vending, or attempted door-to-door sales on their premises.

    The registry will consist of a list containing the street number and street name ONLY. The list will be alphabetical by street name. No name or other personal information shall be included on the registry.

    A "NO SOLICITATION" sticker will be provided to the residence to display on their premises by the Borough Clerk's Office free of charge.

    A residence shall remain on the registry until a written request is made to the Borough Clerk to have the residence removed from the registry.

    To add your address to the registry, submit the online form below or download the Do Not Knock Registration Form (PDF) and submit it to the Borough Clerk.

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