Advisory Council on Aging

About Us

The Advisory Council on Aging is established under South River Borough Ordinance. The purposes of the Advisory Council on Aging include:

  • Provide consultation, aid, advice and assistance to the senior citizen population of the Borough of South River with respect to situations that are unique to said population.
  • Advise and make recommendations to the governing body with respect to any ideas and/or programs which will be beneficial to the senior population.
  • Submit a written report to the governing body at least once per year summarizing the Council's activities, discussions, and/or proposals.  


For meeting dates, times, and locations, visit the calendar on our homepage.

Advisory Council on Aging Members

  • Kim Bell, Office on Aging Director
  • Paul Cheponis, Member
  • Carol Payor, Member
  • Paulette Jensen, Member
  • Lucille Balazs, Member
  • Patricia Bara, Member
  • Janice Coyle, Member
  • Carol Presnal, Member
  • Elizabeth Kuebler, Member
  • Joyce Kosa, Alternate Member
  • Marie Manzo-Frost, Alternate Member
  • John Krenzel, Mayor
  • Councilman James Gurchensky, Council Liaison