Are there any other requirements in addition to registration under this ordinance?

Yes. The additional requirements are:

  • Ensure that all bushes and trees are trimmed and that they do not interfere with neighboring properties.
  • Ensure that grass does not exceed eight inches in height and that all grass clippings are removed from the lot when the grass is cut.
  • Be clear of all vehicles: cars, boats, campers, etc.
  • Sidewalks must be maintained and be cleared of snow, ice, tripping hazards, obstructions, garbage, litter and debris.
  • The owner or owner's agent shall perform regular weekly inspections to ensure compliance with the ordinance.
  • The Property shall not contain any space utilized for the storage of any junk, rubbage, waste, furniture, building materials, flammable liquids or any other materials not intended to be used in the existing building.
  • Any yard area shall not be utilized for the storage of any materials unless said materials are being used on-site for the renovation, construction, repair or demolition of said building.
  • The boarding up of doors and windows shall not be permitted except with the permission of the Code Enforcement Officer. When allowed, doors and windows shall be boarded up and covered with no less than one-half-inch exterior plywood or equivalent and be painted the same color as the body of the building. In no case shall boarding up of doors and windows be permitted in excess of six months.
  • Any yard area (front, side and rear) shall be cleared and maintained free of trash, solid debris or any other materials that cause litter and accumulate to an unhealthy and blighting proportion.
  • Any infestation issue shall be resolved expediently upon notice and certified by a professional exterminator with proof provided to the Code Enforcement Official.
  • If there are any doors or appliances in the structure that prevent an individual's escape, such doors shall be locked or removed in order to deny entry.
  • Every foundation, exterior wall and exterior roof shall be kept in sound condition and good repair and be able to perform all duties normally expected of them.
  • No stagnant water shall be permitted in the yards.
  • The Property shall have all utilities turned off and/or disconnected, with sewer service to be sealed at the trap of said property.
  • The exterior of the premises shall be maintained so that the appearance of the premises and all buildings thereon shall reflect the level of maintenance in keeping with the standards of the neighborhood so as to not constitute a blighting factor for adjoining property owners or an element leading to the progressive deterioration and downgrading of the neighborhood with the accompanying diminution of property value.

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