Flag Raisings

In 2018, the Human Relations Commission began celebrating South River's rich diversity by hosting flag raising ceremonies at the War Memorial Museum. The Commission is working to strengthen these efforts and build on the rich traditions of our many groups and organizations in the Borough.


Would your organization like to partner with the Human Relations Commission to host your own flag-raising ceremony? More information is coming soon!

How It Works

Here's how it generally works: The Commission receives a request from an organization and if accepted, will then reach out to you to confirm the logistical details regarding time, date, and other essential details. The applying organization will be required to supply their own flag. The Commission provides a basic outline of how the event will proceed and will work with the organization to ensure that the entire event is a success. While we understand that each organization is unique, and thus will include custom traditions of their own, we ask that the general format of the event be abided by to ensure that the events run smoothly and without confusion.