Municipal Offices
48 Washington Street
South River, NJ 08882

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Borough Administration
48 Washington Street
South River, NJ 08882-1247

Borough administration is responsible for the day to day activities within the borough, conducting the government business within town and overseeing and managing all of the departments within. It also oversees numerous projects related to borough functioning, some which are listed below.

Learn more about our Borough Administrator.

Youth Leadership Program: Internship opportunities for high school leaders. Application Deadline May 29th.

Curb & Sidewalk Program: Borough Administration manages the curb and sidewalk program in town.

Blue Acres Program (.pdf): After Hurricane Sandy, many houses in flood prone areas are eligible for government intervention or buyout.

Hurricane Sandy Resources: Hurricane Sandy hit many of our residents hard. We've compiled a list of resources related to the hurricane in one location.

Downtown Revitalization: Our downtown business district has many tools available as our borough develops a vision that brings vibrancy back to our downtown.

Roadway & Resurfacing(.pdf): Our Road Program has not been managed or planned since 2011 and we are working to update this to give greater transparency and planning foresight to residents.

Borough RevaluationOn September 13, 2016, the Borough of South River was ordered by the State of New Jersey to conduct a revaluation to be completed by November 1, 2018. We're working to build this page into a resource for additional information but currently presents a list of documents we've received.